About Us

Fun Products and Exciting Shopping

What happens when you put together a small but passionate group of creators who have observed the everyday problems of people of all generations? URANIFY is born.

Before URANIFY existed, we found that we had something in common: we were good at solving problems. We watched loved ones struggle with everyday issues- then, we combed the web for items that solved their problems.


At first, we did it just for family and friends. Before long, more folks started asking. Our 'problem-solving' community grew. Thanks to a supportive network of family and friends, we finally decided to launch an online retail store to spread our love and know-how to customers around the globe!


Problem Solvers

We at URANIFY want you to live life to the fullest. Every item is guaranteed to solve one problem- or ten!  After we carefully observe the common pains of everyday living, we then curate products that solve said pains.


There's a solution to every problem. You just might not know it exists.  Low self-esteem? You're beautiful as is, but a little self-care goes a long way with health and beauty items. Live for your hobby? Stay equipped with all the best and latest. Every product is innovative and we are always constantly updating our catalog.


Mission and Vision

Your happiness and convenience fuel our every move. The feeling of seeing our happy friends and family is one we want to experience with our customers.

That's why we want to make life easier for you! As such, each and every item is carefully and honestly priced. Enjoy hand-picked, innovative items that will make life not only easier, but happier.


Why Us?

Not only will you be able to enjoy a hand-curated catalog of unique items, but you'll also have access to international shipping, top-notch personal customer service, and deals you won't find anywhere else. We take all questions and inquiries seriously. The way to a happier, carefree life is but a few clicks away!